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Brand New Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bulb Light 12W LED RGB Smart Music Play Lamp Remote
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May 4 - 14, 2024

Product specifications:
Interface: E27
Power: 12W
Shell color: RGB + white
Working voltage: AC100V~240V / 50-60Hz
Housing material: engineering plastics
LED RGB lamp power: 7W
Speaker power: 3W
LED white light power: 5W
Frequency response: 135Hz - 15KHz
Wireless Bluetooth version: 3.0
Support configuration: A2DP
Radio range: 394in
Light color: RGB 12 colors with remote control
Signal input: Bluetooth. (2. 4G Bluetooth transmission)
Bluetooth transmission distance: 196-394in
Bluetooth connection password: no
Remote control: 24 button, built-in 1 x 3V CR2025 lithium button battery

Package Included:
1 * LED light (with Bluetooth speaker)
1 * Remote control (without battery)


A. Turn the Bluetooth light bulb on or off
1. Turn on the Bluetooth light bulb
A. I picked up the Bluetooth light bulb on the lamp holder through the power switch.
You can turn on the Bluetooth blub power supply; you can see it after operating the Bluetooth light bulb
The white LED lights up, then there is a Bluetooth boot prompt music ringtone.
B.an on/off switch action switch action Bluetooth bulb can be white LED and
The color LED switches between two cycles. First turn on the power switch to white
LED light, if you need to switch to the color of the LED, please turn off the power, turn
It will switch to the color LED light again in 3 seconds.
mode. Bluetooth bulbs can be turned on after turning on any model
Use the remote control to control the working status of various LEDs.

2. Turn off the Bluetooth light bulb
A. In the power on state, the total power of the bulb can be instantly turned off by the power switch.
B. Bluetooth light bulb, turn on the power to turn it on or off
Remote LED light, but this time the Bluetooth function is not turned off.

B. Mobile phone pairing and connecting Bluetooth light bulbs
1. Turn on the Bluetooth light bulb automatically and the light bulb enters the pairing mode.
2. Start the buletooth phone and turn on the Bluetooth light bulb.
3 mobile phone to find a list of devices, select the device name
The speaker light is on, and the match is completed when you hear the prompt, saying that it is complete.
Before connecting the phone and Bluetooth light bulb.
4. IF phone has been paired with a Bluetooth light bulb, open the phone directly
Bluetooth and Bluetooth light bulbs, they can connect automatically
After power-on, no mobile phone is required to equip the device.
5. If you need a phone and Bluetooth light bulb connection
Bluetooth light bulb and another connection, turn off the Bluetooth phone before closing
Used for matching connections between bulbs and other Bluetooth phones.
Please use a Bluetooth computer and Bluetooth light bulb to match
Refer to the specific pairing method computer Bluetooth pairing method
Bluetooth software.

C. Disconnect the Bluetooth light bulb
1. Need to disconnect the Bluetooth light bulb, please use the Bluetooth of the mobile phone
The menu deletes the pairing list or disables the Bluetooth phone.
2. Turn off the power of the Bluetooth light bulb to disconnect the Bluetooth light bulb
Connect to your phone.

D. Infrared remote control function
The color of the corresponding function key through the infrared remote control
Can be done on the Bluetooth light bulb controller:
1. Different color choices for Bluetooth bulbs.
2. Various automatic conversion mode switches.
3. White LED light and color LED light brightness adjustment.
4. The LED lights are turned on and off.

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