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Brand New New USB air conditioning fan Portable mini home dormitory car cooler office air humidifier fan
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Jun 16 - 26, 2024

Description: New USB air conditioning fan Portable mini home dormitory car cooler office air humidifier fan
Condition: new
color: White
1. For the first time use, the filter paper inside the movement is 100% completely dry. After starting the machine, you need to wait for a short period of operation. You can feel the cooling in about 10 minutes, and the effect can be achieved in 20 minutes. Subsequent use can achieve satisfactory cooling effect in about 10 minutes.
2. This product is forbidden to operate with or without the movement. Leakage may occur when the product is not installed with the movement and the water tank has water.
3. The movement is a consumable. The paper basket material and sensing components (metal buckles on both sides) of the movement have a lifespan.
3-1. The process of gradually yellowing and graying of the paper after use is a normal filtration and precipitation phenomenon, not a quality problem. It is recommended to change the movement every three months for optimum performance.
3-2. Repeated extraction of the movement may detract from the life of the sensing element. It is strongly recommended that the action of repeatedly withdrawing and reinserting into the movement should be avoided.
4. The polymer layer breathable film* is embedded in the middle layer of the sink cover, which has good ventilation effect. The film prevents a large amount of water from penetrating, but there may still be a very small amount of water droplets oozing out.
(*Note: The polymer breathable film of the sink cover is IP65 waterproof and dustproof, but there may still be a small amount of water dialysis.)
5. This product is recommended to use the input current 2A connection port or mobile power supply, which can achieve the best results.
6. Do not over-compare the cooling effect of this product with conventional air conditioners with refrigerant and compressor.
7. Please note: When adding water to the sink, please remember to add clean water. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the built-in parts "sprinkler solenoid valve module" to block.
8. When the sink is filled with water, the product can be used continuously for 3-3.5 hours. When the water tank is not water, continuous operation will only cause the temperature to be lowered, and will not damage the normal operation of the equipment.
9. This product is not recommended to connect the USB port to the notebook for use. Considering the differences in design of notebooks of different brands, the drive current may be insufficient.
10. This product can be combined with the water-soluble "pure dew" in the sink to achieve the effect of creating a fragrance.
Note: Oily essential oils should not be used.

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